The Evolution

Hustle. Handhold. Heat.

Handhold. It took more than 10 years of work in the legal field for me to find my calling. I learned that clients yearned for an advocate to teach them, protect them and get them through the tough spots. Advocacy with empathy and kindness. I realized that the quality that made me a good friend also made me a better advocate. I often literally hold my client's hand but routinely hold their hands in a figurative sense through their journey. I enjoy working with women and minority employees, executives and businesses.  It is my passion.  We succeed together.


Find your passion and go after it. Enough said. No excuses.


I guess you have to see it to understand it.  See you in the courtroom.

Legal Services

Business Law

We help our clients manage the challenges of business operations, scaling a business, financing, mergers, and acquisitions.  We help manage the lifecycle of a business.

Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We listen to your goals and identify the best strategies to reach your goals.  When litigation is necessary, we help you evaluate the scope of the litigation, manage the process in an efficient and responsive manner.  You will not be lost in the dark. Violations of restrictive covenants, trademark infringement, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder oppression, and breach of contract are within our wheelhouse.

Family Law

Family law is its own animal.  The system is complex and you need counsel that can navigate the system with you and assist you in a resolution.  

Labor and Employment Law

Labor and employment audits, analysis of termination policies, employee handbooks, and procedure manuals.  

eDiscovery and Digital Information Management

eDiscovery rules are constantly changing.  We have the experience and insight to assist companies in managing electronic information in litigation.  Even seasoned attorneys seek our assistance in this area of practice.

Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Internet Law

Illinois data breach notification laws can be found at 815 ILCS 530/5, et seq.  We can help you navigate the complex issues involving cybersecurity, data breach and internet laws like the IL Biometric Information Privacy Act.  


Legal Services for Businesses

I help business owners with start up issues like financing, contracts and investors.  I help businesses with employee issues (handbooks, terminations, non-competes).  I enjoy helping clients grow, merge, acquire and sell.  

Legal Services - Family Law

The system is flawed.  Kids are at the center of most disputes. I help families navigate the process of divorce, custody and financial issues like support and maintenance.  I tolerate no disrespect and defend fiercely any client I choose to represent.  

Board and Community Service

I sit on the Local School Council for Belding Elementary.  I have served on boards for more than 10 years including Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law, Women in Management, Leadership Council for Human Rights, and participate in many local community organizations.

Client Testimonial - Business

 I have had a lot of attorneys over the years but Megan is the best I have come across. In fact, if I had found Megan sooner I know I would have saved a fortune and avoided many costly mistakes. But more than a brilliant attorney, Megan is incredibly kind, fiercely loyal and trustworthy. She truly puts her heart in work and she will fight for you like she would for family. Regular lawyers are a dime a dozen. Megan is not a regular lawyer. She is my trusted partner in business and in life. I will never change attorneys. - Kerry K.

Client Testimonial - Family Law

Megan saved my family and closed out my divorce with integrity.  My previous attorney was not fighting for me and the process requires a fierce advocate.  She is strong and aggressive and knows how to get results.  I will never use another attorney when it comes to the most important things in my life - my kids. - Patrick M.

My Brand of Lawyering

I work hard to deliver excellence to clients at reasonable rates.  I strive to exceed expectations and am always available to clients in need. I think I stand apart from most attorneys as a result of my dedication to my clients.