Fighting Injustice

Employment and Compensation for Women and Minorities

Equal pay violations (unlawful compensation), pregnancy, gender, race, sex, religion, disability discrimination and retaliation are all claims faced by employees and employers.  

Combat Sexual Harassment and Assault

It is unlawful to harass a person because of their sex and harassment includes sexual advances and contact. It is rampant and even with recent increases in media attention, these issues still require a strong advocate.  

Protect your Family in Divorce

Family law issues, like divorce, child support and maintenance, are tough issues that require a tough advocate.  Domestic violence, including financial abuse, are alive and well and often not recognized by judges. We fight to protect you and your children from the impacts of domestic abuse and domestic violence.

Childcare for All

Putting moms back to work is largely dependent upon her access to quality childcare.  For some reason, the government decides to pay for full time education for children once they turn 5 years old.  Chicago is a childcare desert and lack of access to affordable childcare options hurts moms.

Growing Your Business

Women and minorities have different challenges when it comes to growing their businesses.  We help you navigate those issues and use our network of professionals to give you access to additional resources.