Find Your Tribe. Love them Hard.

Supporting Women Who Run

Being a candidate is hard work.  I believe candidates can be better with strong supporters. 

Community Involvement

Local School Council. Volunteer for Puerto Rico. Send candy to troops. Feed the homeless. #2017KarmaDone

Advocate and Support Others

Call  your reps. Help schools find funding. Help a friend live her dreams. Raise up another person. Feel the pride. #WeDidItTogether

Get Off the Sidelines

Support a Candidate for Office

Find out who is running and how you can help by joining a grassroots political organization like Northside Democracy for America. 

You Can Make a Difference

The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation raises money to fund pediatric brain cancer research. (  Ross K. MacNeill lived for 1,411 days with brain cancer before he died at age 11.  

Belding Elementary Needs Your Support

Belding Elementary is a Chicago Public School (K-8) that works and dreams together to inspire, cultivate, and engage the hearts and minds of its diverse students, families, and staff.   

Awards and Recognition for Community Service

Recipient of the National Charlotte Danstrom Award and WIM Woman of Achievement Award (2011)

The Woman of Achievement Award and the National Charlotte Danstrom Award recognizes contributions to the advancement of women

Alta May Hulett Award Recipient

The Alta May Hulett Award, named for the first woman lawyer in Illinois, is presented to a woman demonstrated a sustained, active commitment to the advancement of women throughout their careers. 

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